Customers from all across North America are using StemPro cutters. Here’s how StemPro cutters have improved their floral operations:

“We have 6 StemPro cutters in place now since January 2012 making over 10, page 000 cuts per week. Our production people like them better than the guillotine cutters because they are much safer ergonomically and reduce fatigue. Our managers like them because they provide for better workflow and higher productivity.”
“While the product itself has impressed us with its efficiency and quality, pilule StemPro Systems also excels in customer service. They have been friendly, price helpful, and a pleasure to do business with. StemPro cutters have the ability to greatly improve the production of fresh cut flowers, and will prove to be an asset for both the producer and the consumer.”
“We’ve had the cutters for several months now and we’re very pleased with their performance. These cutters have really helped to streamline our processes and improve production efficiency. We’ve also found that certain flowers are lasting longer due to the surgical cut of the StemPro blades. On top of all that, our employees are much happier since they are no longer having the repetitive arm motion of our old cutters.”
“The units themselves are very high quality. We purchased these machines because we felt we could get a better, cleaner cut on our tulip bunches…We also feel that we may be able to cut more stems per day as the cutting action doesn’t take much effort. We are happy with our StemPro cutters and would recommend them to others.”
“Here are some of the benefits we have experienced since the system was installed three months ago:1) Uniform cut of flowers that consistently removes ½ inch of the stem. In the past, the cut would vary in length.
2) Because the blade is sterilized each cut, we don’t have to be as concerned with the transfer of a pathogen from one flower to another.
3) Takes up less space than our previous system.
4) Ease of use makes training seasonal associates a snap.”
“We’ve really come to depend on our StemPro 120 cutter in this busy retail store in the heart of NYC. I would recommend StemPro cutters to anyone in the floral industry that wants to improve productivity, extend the life of their floral product, operate more safely and make their employees happy.Thanks for an innovative solution to the drudgery of stem cutting.”
At the request of the largest club store in the U.S., FloraLife conducted a study on StemPro cutters to confirm the effectiveness and quality of cut. Floral professionals in a sanitary laboratory environment compared the performance of the StemPro cutter to the performance of new Floral Snips cutters. The results showed that the benefits of the StemPro cutter outweigh cutting by hand:
1) “There was no difference in the performance of flowers processed with StemPro Stem Cutters and by Floral Snips”
2) “The current experiment showed no negative effects of the use of StemPro Stem Cutters”