Specifications and Information – StemPro 160


The StemPro 160 Cutter operates on electricity and can be plugged into any standard 120VAC 15-amp outlet (US and Canada). The standard power cord is 8’ in length. Models with appropriate operating voltages and plugs are available for other countries – please request specifications.

Dimensions and Weight –

The Stem Pro 160 workstation dimensions are 36” long x 18” wide x 33” high or 91cm long x 46cm wide x 84 cm high. The weight of the total system is 190 pounds. The shipping weight is 225 pounds.

Each StemPro 160 is equipped with –

Trash receptacle as shown above; FloraLife DCD Solution Dispenser Bottle, Air Compressor and Cutter mounted in a stainless steel workstation with handle, swivel casters and an 8’ power cord.

Stem Length –

Each StemPro 160 cutter comes complete with a length-of-cut limiter which can be used to limit the fresh cut on flower stems to 3/4” and avoid wasteful over cutting of stems needlessly reducing stem length. The length-of-cut limiter can be removed by taking out two (2) screws with a 3/8” wrench. This allows cutting bouquets which may have uneven stem lengths.

Efficiency Examples —

The exact efficiency of the StemPro Cutter is dependent upon the operator. It has a 3” funnel designed for a 25 stem bunch of roses. It will work as fast as the operator can put the flowers into the funnel. Examples: 15 stem carnation in a full dry box = 44 bunches. To cut 3 boxes or 132 bunches it should take about 12 minutes. 25 stem of roses in a full dry box = 14 bunches. To cut 9 boxes or 125 bunches it should take about 18 minutes. In all of the examples above, the buckets with flower-food solution are already prepared and available to receive the cut flowers.

Blade Sanitizer –

The StemPro 160 incorporates a blade sanitizing system, ensuring that the blade never cross-contaminates bouquets. A dispenser is supplied for recharging the blade wiper with an approved sanitizer (Floralife® DCD is the only approved Floral EPA approved sanitizer), which should be done daily and takes just a few seconds.

Shipping –

The cost of shipping is the responsibility of the customer. StemPro Systems, Ltd. is happy to arrange for shipping from Ft. Smith, AR to your destination and will add the appropriate cost to your final invoice. All units are shipped on a pallet substantially ready for use, requiring only the removal of packaging materials as specified in the instructions that arrive with the cutter – time to unpack and setup is typically less than 30 minutes.

Blade Exchange –

StemPro Systems, Ltd. will provide customer with a replacement blade & service kit annually on an exchange basis at a cost of $225. It is the customer’s responsibility to return the used blade to StemPro Systems, Ltd. in the supplied reusable packaging. Customer is responsible for the return shipping charges. If customer does not return the used blade within 30 days of shipment of replacement blade from StemPro Systems, Ltd. the customer will be charged for a new blade at the rate of $460.


StemPro Systems, Ltd. will replace or repair any stem cutter that is not operating correctly for a period of one year after purchase. Exceptions are made and warranty may not apply when, in StemPro Systems, Ltd. sole opinion, the stem cutter has been subjected to abuse or incorrect operation. Customer is required to return inoperable stem cutter to StemPro Systems, Ltd. in the shipping container provided. Customer is responsible for return shipping charges. If customer does not return the inoperable cutter within 30 days of shipment of replacement cutter from StemPro Systems, Ltd. customer will be charged for a new cutter.

Post-warranty service-

StemPro Systems, Ltd. works with several qualified third-party service providers and can arrange service and parts promptly at reasonable rates.