StemPro Systems – a compact, affordable stem cutter system that:

The StemPro Advantage

The StemPro cutting system takes your cutting experience to the highest, most efficient level. When compared to other stem cutting methods, it’s easy to see why StemPro is a cut above the rest:

The StemPro 160 uses cutting-edge technology to give flower stems the best cut possible. Now you can:


  • Make clean cuts that don’t damage flower stems, facilitate hydration, and extend flower life
  • Eliminate repetitive stress injuries, reducing compensation costs
  • Eliminate the physical effort of manual cutting
  • Improve sell-through, reduce shrink

With the cutter’s impressive capabilities, stem cutting will never have to be a hassle again. It can:


  • Cut a 25-stem rose bouquet effortlessly
  • Operate safely. The cutter only activates when the correct code is typed in the keypad
  • Operate quietly and economically, use any standard outlet
Customers from all across North America are using StemPro cutters. Take a look at our TESTIMONIALS page to see how the StemPro cutter has improved their floral operations.

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