StemPro Floral Cutter……It Sure Made Me Look!

Product Review by Cindy Hanauer

On the final day of a trade show..… after parties lasting until the wee hours…and miles of walking, nurse it takes a pretty special innovation to draw ones attention!

It happened.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shiny piece of equipment which, upon first glance, looked like many other pieces of store equipment. Was it a fixture? Was it a work counter? Was it a recycle bin…or a sink? Yes, yes, yes and yes…it was all of that and more! I was drawn to the details of this product as I walked closer and was intrigued to find a new operational tool on display, at a trade show no less, where retail flowers and plants normally take center-stage.

It was a stem cutter…but not a stem cutter of old. We all remember the good ‘ole days of hand-cutting, hand-stripping, sore wrists, achy elbows, wet aprons and a big mess on the sales floor! Many of us moved from dry-pack to more expensive wet-pack product, only to find that wet-packed product still required the same in-store handling and processing time, and resulted in the same floor debris and bodily wear-and-tear. Store safety remained a challenge, with knives in-hand, unmonitored guillotines, employee injuries, spilled water and processed leaves on the floor. These same challenges continue today, with store labor and safety at its highest priority.

I would refer to the StemPro Cutter as an all-in-one floral processing center, where flower processing can be done cleanly, safely and quickly in any location: inside the store, outside of the store, sales floor or back room. This portable processing center is lockable and passcode protected, so access to the equipment can be controlled. By simply inserting the flower bunch –stem ends down- into a safe opening at the top, the stems receive a clean and even cut, deep inside the unit away from exposed hands and fingers. The cutter can handle up to 25 stems at one time… quick, clean and efficient processing for mixed bouquets, consumer bunches, bulk…you name it!

The adjustable blades are self-sanitizing after every cut and protected in enclosed housing; no twisting, turning, pushing and pulling to achieve a clean and sanitary cut. The stem debris is self-contained in a bin directly under the cutter to prevent stems and leaves from flying through the air, into the eyes or onto the floor. The unit has a convenient stainless steel counter top for cleansers, towels, labels and other auxiliary needs. Most importantly, the hands, elbows, backs and wrists of your store associates will breathe a sigh of relief, with the elimination of sharp knives, guillotines and full bodily force to process flowers.

As many of us know, the more efficient shipping of dry cases versus wet cases can generate up to 22% in additional bottom-line profits, with 33% higher cubing efficiency. Environmentally, dry-pack versus wet-packed products eliminates the need to re-pack at consolidation centers, ultimately reducing box usage, water, energy and re-pack labor by one-half. Whether one store or thousands, retailers can now ship dry-packed product knowing that there is a safe, clean, efficient and labor-friendly way to process flowers at store-level. Two major retailers have already begun using the StemPro Cutter at store-level, and it is certain that many more will soon discover its many benefits.

I believe when we come across products and education that could potentially benefit the industry in new ways, we should share the information. The success of our industry is dependent upon all of us continuing to seek ideas that reduce labor and product costs, while increasing consumer quality, upholding in-store safety and saving valuable processing time that can be reinvested into more customer-facing benefits. The less time our front-line spends processing….the more time they have to build traffic-stopping displays, to interact with potential purchasers and ultimately inspire more customers to buy more flowers!

Cindy can be contacted at Grand Central Floral; 12620-3 Beach Blvd; Jacksonville, Florida 32246; 844-MYFLORAL (844-693-5672) or 904-327-1951;